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Automated Inspection:

Human make mistakes; removing the human element from quality assurance reduces the possibility of errors and failures in the end product. Due to Pelican Packaging's ability to inspect from the top with automates machine vision and from the bottom with X-Ray inspection, the end product is guaranteed default free. Failures and defects are inevitable in semiconductor manufacturing, but keeping these defaults from becoming field failures is not. Pelican Packaging ensures a complete range of automated inspection solutions.

Vision Inspection:

Automated vision system checking for orientation and quality of the mark along with broken corners and chipping.

X-Ray Inspection:

New state of the art X-Ray technology that inspects from the bottom of the tape to ensure quality and presence of solder ball.

World Leader in
Tape and Reel

Capacity of 2 billion components per year

Complete ESD protection

Vision and Test capability available
Ink Dot Detection
Surface Inspection
2-D Ball Inspection