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Company Info:

Pelican Packaging has over 15 years of experience in the field of tape and reel, flip chip, die processing, marking, dicing, and electrical test. We provide a one stop service for your packaging and testing needs, dedicated on quality and on time delivery.

Pelican Packaging engineers has been developing state of the art automated packaging and testing technology which provides the highest quality and parts per minute capability in the industry. The precise automated packaging and testing removes human error increasing dependability, reliability and quality. Testing technology includes electrical and sophisticated vision inspection on tape and reel components as well as flip chips ensuring the highest quality control. Wafer dicing with laser marking is available for traceability.

Today, Pelican Packaging, is know as a leader in the tape and reel as well as the die processing industry which includes wafer marking, wafer dicing, and wafer cleaning with over 2 billion part capability per year and ability to adapt to any demand.

Pelican Packaging is located in Oceanside, Ca with a state of the art ESD protected environment which is capable of doing all sorts of tape and reel as well as any size wafer dicing, marking, and packaging.

We are capable of doing all the following in addition to anything listed on the web page:
Tape and Reel
Flip Chip
Laser Marking
Wafer Dicing
Electrical Test
Bowl Feeders
Odd Shapes
Bare Die
KGD (Know Good Die)

We would be glade to try and meet your demand. We are capable of designing and building machines for any other needs which are needed to be met. Our staff of highly trained professionals is capable of meeting your demand.

Please contact Pelican Packaging for more information either at
or by calling: 760-438-6100 Ext. 3

World Leader in
Tape and Reel

Capacity of 2 billion components per year

Complete ESD protection

Vision and Test capability available
Ink Dot Detection
Surface Inspection
2-D Ball Inspection