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Bowl Feeder:

Parts feeders are important in automation to improve productivity and reduce cost.

Special device can handle items of any size, starting from the tiniest electronic chip.

- High quality machined aluminum
- Precision finished bowl
- Simple controller
- Accurate parts selection
- High speed delivery
- Smooth delivery
- Mini parts feeder


- Obsoletes tooling; one-size fits most SMD sizes
- Increases throughput
- Permits visual inspection of both sides of the components
- Eliminates "tombstone" problem
- Different components on the same tape; pre-sequence or
multi-up possible
- More reliable process: No cover tape to break, tear or "spike" during peelback
- Components remain securely on tape exactly as placed; no theta correction is required
- Stickytape is the most economic solution

World Leader in
Tape and Reel

Capacity of 2 billion components per year

Complete ESD protection

Vision and Test capability available
Ink Dot Detection
Surface Inspection
2-D Ball Inspection