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Wafer Processing:

Incoming Inspection

Wafer Marking

Wafer Mounting

Wafer Dicing

Wafer Cleaning

Wafer Marking:

-- Marking of backside silicon wafers facilitates traceabilities of semi-conductor devices

-- Marking is miniaturized and have no negative influence on the devices

-- Chip miniaturization marking is possible with accuracy at 50um

Wafer Dicing:

-- On-line blade load monitoring system ensures high quality cut

-- An intelligent blade wear curve learning system automatically compensates for blade wear

-- Close loop control for ultimate cut quality

-- Robust platform supports the most demanding applications

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World Leader in
Tape and Reel

Capacity of 2 billion components per year

Complete ESD protection

Vision and Test capability available
Ink Dot Detection
Surface Inspection
2-D Ball Inspection